The Transmission

The car is being fixed. We have to wait for a transmission to come up from Dallas. Then the nice guys at B & B Service assure me if they have to work till midnight on Thursday to get us on the road again they will. After all Friday is the 4th of July…some little holiday they hold here (just kidding) and they won’t open again till Monday.


I have no idea what God is doing or why He brought us here to Bonham but I do know I trust Him and that He is in control.

When the transmission blew up late yesterday afternoon we had just pulled out of a gas station and onto the highway. It was really out in the middle of nowhere but close enough to be able to walk back with the children for a drink, loo break and some cool air. It was very warm.

We called AAA roadside service and they got a tow driver under way to us. Chloe and I stayed with the car while Connie (my friend who was with us) walked back with the other three to the service station.

Having no idea what was going to happen next Chloe and I sat in the car and prayed. Along the highway towards me came a police car….I watched it past and just as I was wondering – he did a U turn and came back to us. I watched in the rear view mirror as he pulled up and sat in his car a minute or two. Then the Sheriff slowly walks towards me unbuckling his holster. I was cracking up laughing – it is so what you would see in a movie. Apparently I did the right thing by remaining in my car and not getting out to go ‘meet’ him.

Anyway we had a lovely chat for quite a while. We had fun with the accent and different words we Aussie’s use. He could not have been more helpful. Offered to stay with us till the tow truck arrived. Offered to have someone come and be there if he had to leave. Also filled us in on the best town to go to, and things that might help us out.

When the tow guy arrived our friendly sheriff went and spoke to him first, making sure he would look after us.

Thank You, Mr Sheriff, for making our time so much easier.

Not only that, he sent a car to pick up the other 4 as we could not all fit in the cab of the tow truck. We waited at the service station till that car arrived then all headed into the little town of Bonham. Jarred and I rode in the cab of the tow truck – which was an experience…this was higher up than anything Jarred had ever ridden in.

Dropped the car off, and John – the guy from B&B, gave us all a lift to the only hotel he would recommend staying in there in Bonham. It is clean and neat and at $57 a night for a two double bed room, including breakfast, was a nice break.

Then it was just wait and see what the deal was today when they opened it up. I still had reverse but no forward gears. As you can see by the photo it is up in the air and waiting on the replacement transmission to arrive.

So -Today we will explore Bonham!


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