Bonham Texas

Bonham Texas is a lovely little town.

Today we got a cab into town and walked around a bit. At Connie’s suggestion we first went to the Chamber of Commerce and picked up some area information then headed out for the town square.

There had even been a gun fight here at one time!

So we walked the square and had a browse around some nice antique stores. It is just as well I don’t live here as I could be quite tempted by some of the furniture.


We did score some good old books…like 1918 and such that the children will enjoy reading. One is an older version of an Elsie Dinesmore book by the original author and is not in print today. Jarred found this while hunting through some books and knew Chloe would enjoy it.

It was lunch time so we asked back at the Chamber of Commerce where would be a good place to eat. They recommended Cappy’s.

Cappy’s is a little hole in the wall country buffet, all you can eat and drink. For $6 adults. Wonderful food, fabulous biscuits (garlic and cheese I think) and great tasting iced tea. Catfish, shrimp, and of course all the beef and chicken you could possibly want. Salads and desserts too. It certainly seemed popular with every table in the place full.

The young man serving the drinks even offered us a refill iced tea “to go”. Talk about service!

In fact this whole experience of the car transmission going has been positive…aside from $. Everyone has been so super friendly and helpful. They can’t do enough to help you. Their service is beyond compare.

And drinks to go!

That just gets me. In Australia you would pay for a drink by the can or glass. If you wanted two you would have to pay for another one. Here I had two full glasses of ice tea with my meal, then one to go in a take away cup. They sure know how to look after you. ( We have found this most places in America)

If you are ever headed through Bonham then I would recommend stopping at Cappy’s for lunch.

We went back to the hotel and had a little break before walking down the road about half a mile and going to the movies. That cost per ticket of $3. Which totaled $18 for the 6 of us. We watched Kung Fu Panda which everyone enjoyed. A bit of light hearted entertainment with a good moral to the story. Nice in this day and age. Not even a skerick of romance in there either.

Walked back to the hotel, had some dinner from all the food we had purchased at Central Market (great organic grocery store) in Dallas yesterday.

With nothing planned for the evening we decided, with those cheap prices, to head back to the movies. It’s not something we have the option of doing in Saudi with no movie theatres there, so twice in one day is a real treat and not something that will happen very often.

This time we saw W.A.L.L.E. This is an interesting movie about a “trash cleaning robot” in the future. It looks at the way we consume and spend our time in front of computer screens without other human contact. In a very nice way it makes you think about our priorities and the value of human touch. Everyone thought it was fabulous.

That brings us up to date.

Tomorrow we will spend the morning at the Sam Rayburn Library and Museum in Bonham while we wait to hear about the car.


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