We have been very encouraged by some of the home school families we have come across on the internet. Being so isolated in what we do and believe, and where we live, we very much rely on like minded friends from afar. One such website that has really helped and encouraged the older two (our young adults) was holding a conference in Dallas that welcomed families.

We specifically planned our trip to America to include this conference and had purchased tickets way back in February. Talk about stepping out in faith – we hadn’t even got our airline tickets at that point.

This week we drove down to Dallas to attend the Rebelution Conference. The four hour drive went by in a flash as we all enjoyed the variety of scenery going south through Eastern Oklahoma and in to Texas. We listened to some great audio’s including The Time machine while we traveled. It’s neat hearing old classic story books in this way.

We can now add Texas to the growing list of states we have been to in America.

It also gave Jarred and I the opportunity to meet up again with some friends we had met in Atlanta last August. This was such a treat and we were very blessed by this visit.

The Rebelution Conference is put on by the Harris family, namely Alex and Brett Harris and their father Greg. Their brother Joel ran the praise and worship which was wonderful. Nice to see the shift in the substance of worship there.

The whole premise of this is to glorify God and to encourage today’s youth to ‘Do Hard Things”. They talked about how in general today’s society expects teens to be less than they should and can be. To expect them to party and be ‘bad’, just because they are teens. To waste their youth on mindless pursuits that will in no way enhance their adult life.

Then they worked through how youth could work against expectation and do the hard stuff to make these valuable years count. To put the responsibility back on to them, encouraging them to be above the norm. To make a difference in this world, and how not having the mentality of most teens of their generation is good for them.

As this is so near and dear to how we feel, we knew we would enjoy the conference, and traveling such a long way would be so worth it.

It was!

We all came away having learnt something. Both parents and youth!

The guests we took were very encouraged. One even commented about it being ‘life changing”. It can be such a step out in faith when you invite people to something so strong in it’s focus.

‘PTL’ that they all found something of value in learning about how HE wants us to improve and to raise our standards even in the face of censure, and misunderstanding by those in the world around us. Even Christ faced that!

There was a contest to see who had come the furthest to the conference. Of course that was us. Chloe and Jarred were invited up on stage for this and were presented with some “Do Hard Things” t-shirts. This was a hoot for me to watch and they both handled the limelight very well. After all it was only a minute or two!

To learn more about the teaching, the conferences and about Brett and Alex, visit them at www.therebelution.com


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