Medals and the Front Page of the Sports News.

The swim meet here was over three days. The children all swam really well, especially given that they have gone to a 50 meter pool and their times are supposed to be a bit slower. Several races saw personal best times which means they have improved in a big way.

The coach is from the right hemisphere….he was born in New Zealand and the kids are very much enjoying his coaching. The assistant coach is gorgeous too.

Jarred’s photo made the front page of the sports section in the newspaper and both he and Cody made copy in the article below. This was such a surprise…we turned up at the meet early on the morning of day two and everyone was coming up saying “congrats at the photo” and “have you seen the paper?” and such things.

It was very cool!

Jarred was in the pool warming up and oblivious to the whole thing.

Needless to say we went out and bought the newspaper.

Here is a little taste of the weekend.

Jarred Recordsetter Ft Smith, Medals and Photo in the Paper

I’ll post more on it all later.


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