Back to It

This week has been one of getting into a routine and back into the swim training for the children.

The team is a good size and varied ages, including some older boys and girls which is a nice change from usual. The pool is outdoors, 50 meters long and over 10 lanes wide.

It took a couple of days for the children to feel comfortable with the length but they have settled in nicely. This weekend they will compete in a meet here which should be quite interesting. There are 371 swimmers due to attend. With races on Friday night, then time trials on the Saturday and Sunday mornings with finals in the late afternoon and evenings.

The car is running nicely. In fact it is so nice I don’t think I will want to go home after this trip and give up driving and the car. I am thinking perhaps it is big enough to live in…perhaps we’ll have to sort out a bathroom!!

Just kidding!

The weather here has been amazing. Hot, then cold, tornado warnings, storms with thunder and lightning. The swim coach had a tree fall on his roof. Then we tried to drive down another road and there was a tree across it…with power lines down. So of course I took some photo’s before backing up and turning around. The area was without power for a lot of the day too.

Photo to be placed here. ( when I down-load it from the camera)

I am yet to see a tornado….but I can keep hoping. 🙂


One thought on “Back to It

  1. Wow! Sounds like you’re all having a wonderful time away. 🙂 Stay safe and keep enjoying each new experience…we’re sure you will. Love to you all from us 3… and to Wayne too!

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