The New Car

A lot of time spent on the internet and looking at Auto Trader had given us a fair idea of what we wanted to purchase and how much we could reasonably expect to get it for.

Lots of ringing around, a visit to a car yard by a friend in another state (within a couple of hours drive) and lots more discussion ended up with me buying our new used car fairly close by.

I drove out with another friend to have a look at 2 cars in one yard. Settled on one but decided to go away and pray about it. Went back today, drove it again and checked it out a bit further.

Came away with a car!

Simple you say!

Nope. 🙂
Not for someone who really has not had much of the driving time in a car for over 9 years. However I am enjoying this one and loving the space it has. The process was a good confidence builder for me again.

Ok – for those who want all the “male details”.

2001 Suburban. It’s the extra long wheel base model, so all our luggage fits. We are planning a lot of miles in it including going into Canada so we wanted the space, the height and the comfort of a bigger vehicle.

Lots of bells and whistles.

The cruise control is fab! The munchkins think it is funny that I can drive without my foot on the pedals.

5.3 ltr / 327 Small Block engine.

130 litre tank – don’t cringe – the price of petrol (gas) here is still under $1 a litre. For highway driving which is mostly what we will be doing around here I am told it will get between 17 and 20 mile per gallon. ( You can convert that for yourselves if you like). Time will tell if this proves to be correct.

It is nice to drive. Comparable to how comfortable I used to be in my old silver ford falcon.

So without any further ado, here are a couple of photo’s of our new ride.

Our New Car 08


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