On the way to the USA

We arrived in the USA via Heathrow and Dallas Fort Worth in Texas. The trip was uneventful except for Chloe being ill. We have never had that happen on a flight before and it appears to have been food poisoning. Possibly the hamour she had for dinner before we flew. I don’t imagine she will eat that again before flying.


A good way to while away the time in Heathrow airport.

Surviving Heathrow Airport June 08

Chloe was still a little green here and struggling to eat!

Not so the others as you can see.

We did have a two hour delay in Heathrow due to a technical issue on the plane. It was there, just couldn’t take off yet. We were very blessed to spend a large part of our 7 hour stopover with a missionary family on their way home from Nairobi for furlough. They were such a delight to share with and to learn from. Please keep the Doug Lee Family in your prayers. They are doing a mighty work out there!

We also flew over Greenland, amongst many other places. This was the one that had the children and me continually peering out the plane windows for what was coming up next to see. Snow capped peaks, glaciers and icebergs just to name a few. The photos do not do the view justice but should give some idea.

Greenland from Above

Greenland from the Air


So now the search begins….off to find a car.


One thought on “On the way to the USA

  1. Wow, I love the photos. I can just imagine what it would be like to be on the ground. It looks like you were not very high.

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