Tomorrow we leave for America.

Just taking a break from packing so thought I would jump on here and write some. Right now I am surrounded by washing from our Jeddah trip, suitcases and all the bits and pieces needed for a trip of a couple of months.

Not having had a real vacation (read more than 4 days out of Kingdom) for 18 months we are taking this opportunity to have a longish break.

105 days in fact.

Wayne joins us on the 8th of July and we will return about the 16th of September. The cost of flying to America is less than Australia and the accommodation, if you need a hotel room there, is so economical. It is crazy the amount it would cost us at home.

For instance I just booked a hotel room for the night we arrive as it is late. The room will sleep all five of us and we get a hot cooked breakfast in the morning….total cost $89. How amazing is that?

We have had various offers of accommodation in lots of places/states. The hospitality of our American friends is very heartwarming and such an example to me and they all seem to be the same way. Just a shame we can’t offer it here – the visa issues is a little hard to get around.

Thanks so much you guys, or should that be Y’all – have to get the lingo right! You know who you are!! The fact you would want your crazy Aussie friends to stay is a blessing to us….and we know the time spent with you will be wonderful memory making! Just hope we can bless you as much sometime.

One place we have been invited is for the whole of Summer at my friend Connie’s place in Oklahoma. It’s right close by to where some tornado’s touched down recently (though I understand where her home is situated is safe ๐Ÿ™‚ something about being on a hill) so we may even get lucky enough to see one or two.

The plan is to base ourselves there, and do a bit of traveling around. Trip itinerary TBA in a later post. When I can finalize it all.

After looking at car hire for that length of time we decide to purchase a vehicle as we can save a bundle of money. We may sell it when we leave or ship it out to here – just depends how much we like it! ๐Ÿ™‚

Watch this space for more on the car – as the job falls to me.

So if there are no posts for a little while you’ll know why. I am either traveling, jet lagged or out shopping for a car.

Yeehhhaaaa…I get to drive. I haven’t done much of that for a looooonnnnnng time!

Be back soon.


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