National Swim Championships.

The weekend was busy, emotional, hot, and humid.

Jarred was privileged to compete against some extremely talented swimmers including one we were told trained with the National Swim Squad. He did very well, gaining some good personal best times, placing for various medals including a couple of 2nd places.

Overall he came fourth place in the Nation!


4th Place Tropy.

This thing is about 9 inches tall and very heavy.


We are of course thrilled to bits. Coming from 14th place last year this is quite an achievement. It shows all his efforts in training and working hard towards this goal have really paid off.

Chloe and Shania also placed in some races with Shania getting a couple of medals and both got medals in the relays. Cody swam very well getting good personal best times in a lot of his races. In one of the largest age groups, often with three heats, it was tough going to even place. There were so many in that age group he didn’t even get on a relay team, as they only take 8 from each region. He was very happy to even be competing at the Nationals, after not even qualifying for the regionals last year!

So that’s it for training now for a little while. It will be nice to have the break and just swim for “fun” as they have been needing to do for some time.


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