Strange Week

This week has been somewhat strange.

There has been that feeling you get after a major event, but at the same time the anticipation is building for this weekend. The children have been tired but we have also tapered their training sessions back a bit and this has allowed some relief. Both mental and physical.

Jarred has even been sleeping in the afternoons.  Cody and Shania are also having a growth spurt. This means more they don’t eat enough already!

We are busy packing and I can’t get my head around packing for two trips at one time. One lot has to include food for a couple of days as well as all the paraphernalia you need for a two day swim meet. Perhaps I shall leave the other lot of packing till Saturday after we get back from the Nationals.

We then leave on Monday afternoon for America. So at least I have a couple of days to prepare. It’s just I like to be packed a week ahead or so and not leave it to the last minute. We have been putting clothes and bits and pieces aside for the last week so really it should just be organizing it all and putting it into cases.

In the meantime I have also spent the better part of 3 days going backwards and forwards between specialists, xrays, utrasounds and laboratory tests and the like trying to sort out a couple of health issues. I won’t go into details…nothing life threatening  etc. However would really appreciate prayer for patience and the ability to deal with the management that is required.  Relief from the issues would be nice too!

So anyway…we would love to hear how YOU are!

Email us or leave a comment on the comment button just below here. It’s been a while and we are wondering how YOU are!


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