Happy Mothers Day

Praying you all have a blessed Mothers Day and that you get to spend time with those you love.

Mine all forgot…even Wayne – till someone reminded him at work.

Spending my day with my cherished family is the best Mothers day gift anyone can have and I got to do just that. It was kind of funny that I was treasuring it when they didn’t even have a clue.


We did some school work in the morning. Then headed of to the pool. They had a training session with their coach this morning.The older two did a two hour session while the others did just over an hour.

I held off cooking lunch till 1 pm when Wayne got home from work. We had a nice meal of home BBQ’d chicken and a salad from veggies grown in our own garden. Then some down time spent resting and reading. Not to mention the washing and some baking.

Wayne must have told the children some time after lunch because they all started whispering and sneaking around. Eventually they all surrounded me with sheepish grins, hugs and their just ‘right there and then’ made cards.

I love handmade cards from the children so what could be more prefect.

Late afternoon it was back to the pool for another 2 hours for the older two. We ordered Thai food from our favourite Thai lady on the compound and had a lovely time just chilling out and being together.

All in all a perfect mothers day


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