Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

Seems like this has become our point of concentration lately. Of course we do a lot more than just swimming. However everything in our day is geared around focusing on “the swimming”.

Swimming Focus

For instance…cooking, and eating, cooking eating and washing towels. Did I say cooking and eating. Man can these kids consume a huge amount of food.

Given that the older two are doing 17-20 hours a week in the pool covering vast distances and the younger two are doing about 9 hours a week it is not so surprising that they are eating so much. The amount of calories they burn off has to be replaced.

Then every Thursday they have a meet where they swim between 4 and 5 races each, competing at the best level they can.

So between getting over being sick, traveling to and from being at the various pools we train in (our and the team pool at another compound) schooling, cooking cleaning and washing, and a whole normal range of everyday life I just have not had the chance to update the site.

It won’t change much over the next couple of weeks either.


9th May – Bahrain International Swim Meet

15th  & 16th May – A Regional Championships – all 4 children have qualified for it this year.

29th & 30th May – The National Swimming Championships. – all 4 are swimming at this too.

The children have all done a lot of hard work over the last few months and it is so nice to see it pay of for them by  qualifying to swim at these levels.


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