Finally got some more photo’s of Max to share.

Max was born on my Mum’s birthday…20th of November last year. The munchkins thought this was very special. They were trying to work out a Nannaish type name for him but being a boy it was a bit hard. So Wayne’s original choice of Max stuck

He is training very well though we still have a few “accidents”. He holds on all night though so that is very nice. We take him out before bed and then around 5-5.30 when we get up. He seems to handle this quite well.

Surprisingly he is not all mad…though some of the photo’s will say otherwise. 🙂

He is soft and gentle, understands the word no, and just loves to sit at someones feet all day. The other thing we have been surprised at is how little he eats. After all our big dogs it is a nice change.


Awww….so sweet!


Loves to play and fetch.


Adored already!


Goes where no one dares to tread! Ooops, there go the seeds we just planted.


Speed freak….definitely “Mad Max”.


One thought on “Max

  1. Elijah says:
    cvbnmmm xzvm/
    which translated is “who’s that???” meaning the doggy!
    nnnnnnn cccc//mc,jutpnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn
    and..”that’s my cousins!” 🙂

    Great photo’s of Max…. he’s soooooo cute!

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