Meet Mad Max

And it’s not the one in the red shirt!


Max for short!

We finally got a puppy after waiting for over 3 years. We had always planned to get one  when we left but as that doesnt seem imminent we decided to bite the bullet and get one now.

He is a toy poodle..looks very fluffy cause he just had a bath and big blow dry.  Cute as can be and very friendly.


3 thoughts on “Meet Mad Max

  1. I can not show my husband this picture. He used to have a miniature poodle, would really like to have another one BUT we have decided to wait a while.

    Was on your daughter’s blog (tried to comment but said I had to be signed in??) So, I will comment here – the reason we are waiting is I DO NOT want to be the one training a dog not to potty all over my house! UGH!

    When dear hubby is home more, then perhaps we can get a little cutie like yours. I think I would prefer a toy poodle.

    Oh, and tell Jared that I really do know how to spell Nepal, even though I misspelled it in a comment on his blog. 😦

  2. Yes, the toy is the perfect size for us.

    We have been putting it off for years,,,till we left here, Now we are wondering why,,he really is very good and very very cute. Keeps us all entertained!

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