Dust Storms

We have had an unusual amount of dust storms, or schmalls as they are called here, already this year.

They seem to be a mixture of talcum fine sand/dust/ dirt and whatever else the wind can pick up flying across the desert. Needless to say we wait to make sure they have finished before we dust the house. Sometimes we get a break for a day then they come up again. We certainly avoid going out side when it is blowing.

This type of dust gets into everything, even closed cupboards and closets. The folds of books and even the inside of boxes doesn’t escape it either. As someone who hates dust I have become very tolerant with it – guess that’s a good thing. Though all of you at home would think I have got slack in my house cleaning! 🙂

The job to clean it up does take forever. Especially given the 7 large bookcases overflowing with books. We have thought about getting glass door book shelves but to be honest it wouldn’t keep all the dust out and we would still have to dust them.

This photo is taken at our front door after about 24 hours of blowing schmall (sch – marl). We have a weather strip on the inside and the outside of the door. However it still gets in.

I opened and closed the door so you could see it more easily. Imagine what it is like after 3 days.



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