Wet and Cold

Can you believe it?

Yes, we have had thunderstorms and duststorms and all the time it has been freezing, and cold,  and not at all like it is most of the year. It even got to -1 celcius the other morning. Plus some days its not been much more than 9 or 10. Brrr!

What a nice break though! We are staying in and dejunking. STILL

Yes – we have started before…but an operation and other life things got in the way and then the busy season hit us. Plus there is something about the new year to get you started again.

Being here so long things have certainly added up. 6 years is the longest by far we have ever been in one place. I am finding things I forgot we had. We are also conscious of the fact that each day can change the way things are here so we want to be prepared for whatever may come.

Wayne has no intention of leaving at this point in time, but we can make ourselves ready if that day ever arrives.

So with that in mind, it has become easier to rid ourselves of stuff.  It has taken a little but the kids are finally getting into “ruthless mode” and chucking out or giving away some of their “much loved but too young for them now” belongings.

I am purging the house in a way I haven’t done since before we moved here. It makes me want to get into our storage back home and get rid of a lot of that too. Each time we moved here we went from something small to something a lot bigger, and didn’t fill the drawers and cupboards, so there was never the need to get rid of stuff. Now it is way beyond empty..lol.  😀


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