What I didn’t mention on Saturday was that Wayne had come down with a virus on Friday night. Chills, nausea, hot flushes and indigestion. I have had it on and off for a week, but was getting better. I am sure he gave it back to me! 🙂

All that morning I was on and off the couch trying to stop from feeling nauseous. I would work on the icing then lay down again, then get up and do some more. Eventually it was a finished cake. Shania’s piano playing was her way of trying to make me feel better.

Then on Monday Jarred came down with it. Started feeling ill about lunch time and feel asleep on the couch at one o’clock. He felt better when he woke so we went training but he only managed 40 mins and got out of the pool earlier than his normal 2 hour session. He had a major head ache and looked grey!

He has been ill for the last two days but seems better today. Wayne is over it and I am improving again.


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