Happy 8th Birthday Shania

What a wonderful day!

We had so much fun. Shania had the whole day planned and it went off perfectly.

Shania and I baked her cake yesterday as she wanted to make it herself. She did an awesome job, most of it on her own. We enjoyed pancakes for breakfast at her request , then she spent most of the morning playing on the piano which is one of her favourite pastimes.

Of course she kept playing “Happy Birthday to You!”   😀

We spent time together then, and she opened her gifts just before lunch time.

Her lunch request was bacon and eggs. Pretty easy!  I like those kind of birthday meals.  We also did the cake thing at lunch time after it took all morning for me to decorate it. (more on that tomorrow).

Swim training in the afternoon and then home for tea. Her meal request – Kraft Macaroni and Cheese! Too easy.

Now we normally don’t have three birthday meal requests.

All this year, whenever we have a meal she really likes Shania has said “Now! that’s what I want for my birthday dinner, this is the best favourite meal you have ever made Mum!”. Of course it has become a standing family joke that Shania has her birthday meals planned out for the next fifty years.

So we get to Friday, and I am wondering what ‘special’ meal she will want. At lunch she announces “Here is my menu for tomorrow. I want pancakes for breakfast, bacon and eggs for lunch and macaroni cheese for dinner – but not the home made one, I really would like the one in the box please!”.

How could I resist? Easy for me, and less work than the usual birthday meals I get asked for.

So there you have it, the birthday of a girl who knows what she wants..including the statement “any gift will do, as long as I get a gift” .

Lets hope she stays that easy to please!



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