It sure feels like we have run one since I last posted. Busy busy busy!

Every Thursday at the moment is consumed with swim meets. Wayne and I usually work too. Wayne quite often times or is finish judge. I was asked early in the season to be team photographer, so that keeps me on my feet and busy snapping pics of every swimmer.

The kids are still doing extremely well. I won’t put all the results up here but just say that out of about 36 races they achieved 32 personal bests. All of their times are improving each week, and it is usually one or two at the end of the day that are about the same as their previous times. We are wondering when it will slow down as there has to come a point when they level off.

In between we try to recover and catch up. The home education takes up much of our time at home. Add in a lot of time at the pool training and the weeks seem to fly by.

This last week Jarred and I worked twice at local compound markets – selling Name certificates. These go quite well this time of year as everyone is looking for different Christmas presents.

Chloe and I spent the better part of two days visiting two different orthodontists and an oral surgeon to see about her teeth. They are beautiful and straight, however her bite is not. She will be having braces and will undergo the initial molding and consultations in the next week or two. We may wait till after her 12th birthday.

So it was a busy week!

Then on Friday Jarred ran in a real marathon!

He was asked to compete in the Bahrain Marathon. This is a team event and each runner has to run 3 km’s. The goal is to finish your leg of the race in 18 minutes. He has been training on my treadmill for the last couple of weeks and can do in on there. Doing it outside and on a road would be a different challenge.

It was all very exciting and he did a great job, running his part in a little over 14 mins. The whole team finished about an hour ahead of the cut off time, and were certainly not one of the last teams in. The teams that run it to win do their sections in about 8 minutes. It is one of those races that have professional runners come in a run every year.

It was Jarreds first time doing any competitive running – and he loved it! Given his enjoyment of bike riding and ability in the pool perhaps we have a tri-athlete in the making.

Here are some photo’s.





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