We had a really lovely weekend. Spending two days in Bahrain with some friends who have bought an apartment over there was a great minibreak. It is very large, beautifully fitted out (they aught to do interior design!) with a private beach, ocean view and enough bathrooms to keep everyone happy.  🙂

We tucked into a lovely lunch just after arriving. We took a plate of fresh meats – yes, we are able to have ham here, a home made quiche, and added to the tempting fresh baked breads and cheese spreads, along with some tasty salad Katie had prepared.

All the kids were good and got on splendidly. There is also have a pool to use, infinity style and based right on the edge of the ocean. Pure Bliss, sitting in the sun, sipping a cold drink while the children splashed around and enjoyed their time together.

We then went to dinner at a little hole in the wall Thai restaurant. On entering the room you take off your shoes. The floor is raised so you sit on traditional thai seating with a soft cushioned back behind you , your feet dangle into the hole which the table is sitting in. Very relaxing!! And lots of fun! We had our own eating room for all of us and this made for a fun night with the kids being able to be a little more noisy than sitting in a normal restaurant.

Real estate prices in Bahrain are on the rise, with it being the fastest growing area in the middle east, so a lot of people are buying places over there and seeing good returns, both in rent and value. It is also nice to have somewhere to kick back on weekends and feel some normality. Mum can even go driving and shopping as women are allowed to drive here.

Then on Saturday and Sunday I crashed. Even though we relaxed I must have overdone it. Two days of sleeping have helped and I am back to my normal self today. Ha! don’t the kids know it too…I am asking them to clean-up. LOL


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