This Week

We had a nice quiet week, me resting, kids lessoning (lol..I know that’s not a word). I have continued to feel well though a little tired a couple of afternoons (perhaps from doing too much 🙂 ) Wayne must be getting sick of hearing me say how I can’t believe how different I feel. It is such a contrast and I am struggling to get my mind around how such a simple thing could make such a marked improvement. I don’t want to let myself hope, mainly cause the thought of going back how I was is so awful. Each day I  wonder if the old situation will come back. There are a couple of recovery issues taking a little long and I would appreciate your continued prayer.

We have also been getting ready for the big EPSA meet. This is all the teams in the Eastern province competing. Almost a mini A regional practice. That is tomorrow, and our team is hosting at our training pool. As official team photographer I am going to set myself on a seat and do the best I can, rather than my usual running around. Wayne will be timing.

All 4 of the children are looking forward to it. Training hard at two hour sessions (even Shania) with the older ones putting in extra sessions in the morning at our pool.

Then on Friday we are due to go over to Bahrain – found a home church there a couple of weeks ago and we are wanting to go every week if possible.

It is also the Australian V-8’s in Bahrain. Not sure if I am up to going for two days but it would be a shame to miss it. Wayne hasn’t made up his mind if we are going yet.

Watch this space for swim meet results and news of our weekend.


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