In Shock

A bit anyway.

As you know from my past posts I have been struggling with my health. I made an appointment with my Dr and he sent me of to the Gyn tonight. I have had some ongoing observations for a couple of months but it appears things have gotten out of hand very quickly. I know it in myself without them telling me. Just coping with my days, and not really functioning is no way to live. My emotions have been all over the place and no amount of “time out” rest, or sleep seems to help.

So here it is Tuesday night and I am to have surgery on Thursday. It is the same surgery as last year. Histroscopy and Polypectomy. I have large polyps and also the lining of the womb is double the thickness it should be. Obviously the symptoms were dealt with last year and not the cause.

Over the past month I have done a lot of reading about womens hormones to try and see the cause, and also to find ways of treating it. Came across an awesome website by 2 lady doctors (I am sorry 😦 but a male Dr could never identify with how this really feels). Now the funny thing is I am not in menopause, (PTL as I am far to young to want that yet).
After getting two separate specialists opinions here, it appears as though my ovaries are overworking. Working too well, producing too much estrogen. Ovulating at day 8-10 and possibly more than one egg (heehee I could have twins if I could fall pregnant! The womb is in such a state that is almost impossible) From my reading, balancing it out will help all the symptoms.

Symptoms like – Fuzzy head! Sleeping but not being refreshed! Constant tiredness! Even the LDL’s can be up because of raised estrogen, which could explain my cholesterol issue. I have also been on a strict diet since I arrived back on the 6th of September, one on which you should lose weight (even though I don’t need to) and I have not lost a thing! Again the correlation between raised estrogen and the inability to lose weight is high.
After going over all this with my Dr, he is willing to work with me on a program to normalize the balance (raising the progesterone). I will go and have the surgery to remove all the growths, start over and hopefully deal with the causes this time. I sure don’t want to go through surgery every 12 months or so, nor the side effects.

Speaking of which – last year I was very ill after the op. It’s day surgery and from what I have been told you can go back to work the next day. I believe the issue last year was the pre-med- I was a zombie for a week. The last two ops I had in Australia I went without the premed and didn’t suffer any side effects like in previous surgeries (this will be number 9). Here though they insisted I had to have it.

After seeing the anesthesiologist tonight I have got the all clear to not have one, it is marked on my admittance sheet. The nurses can’t argue with that. It is one Valium they give you here – so we’ll see if that is the cause. They also give you an antacid..which I am doing without as well.

So that’s it. Anyway I will be back after Thursday sometime to let you know how it goes.

Love to everyone from all here!


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