Sick Kids Sick Mum

Sorry I have not been on to say hi for a while. I am just too tired to even think about it. I am just coping with the way I am feeling. Cody and Shania have both been ill with fevers, tag teaming each other and for over a week now. Both needing attention during the nights, sometimes even baths to cool them off. I have been fighting it off but got it bad last week. We are coming good now. Wayne, Jarred and Chloe have escaped it. PTL!

Trying hard to get content ready for a membership based website I am setting up with my friend and mentor (read about that on the other site), and am managing to stay on top of my web design apprenticeship. Hmm, did I mention I was doing one. I can’t remember what I did yesterday let alone if I have shared that with you.  😦

I am quite excited about the opportunities in web design. This is ongoing training and could provide a permanent position in the future. Jarred is continuing to learn from my lessons too.

The swimming meet a couple of weeks ago went very well. Cody and Shania both had a couple of PB’s (personal bests) and the older two maintained their times. Jarred managed to get a couple of national qualifying times which is a great start to the year.

Cody had decided that his goal for this year would be to improve his times and get a place in the regionals. Imagine the look on his face when he qualified for the A regionals at his first meet! Priceless!!!  After having such a sick year last season, having those tonsils out has been the best thing. He has also put on about 7 kg this last 12 months which does not seem like much till you contrast it to  1 kg in the previous year. He is getting a lot taller so you can’t really see it. He is still a skinny weed.  😀 Now he is training for two hours at a training session and a going a couple of mornings a week.

Chloe is also swimming 2 extra mornings and working on getting that up to 5 mornings a week. Shania is a bit young yet, and still needs the sleep!!!


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