Birthday Guy!

I can’t believe where the last 14 years have gone. We spent the day celebrating Jarred’s birth and the blessing God gave us.

Jarred opened a couple of presents – a book and cd from us, some coins & a drawing from Shania, cards from the other two. Shania played happy birthday on the piano, while everyone else sang. Then everyone shared what they most liked about Jarred.

Breakfast was a late one – birthday cake that Chloe had cooked and the Chili nachos that are Jarred’s favourite.

Lunch was Jarred’s choice – Beef stroganoff which he had requested as his favourite meal. The others had set the table special to surprise him. We then spent the afternoon playing games and just being together.

Jarred said thanks to those who remembered his birthday. And yes he does need a haircut! 🙂


We finished the day watching a family DVD and eating Thai – another of Jarred’s favourite meaks. Actually I think “food” is his favourite. Wonderful cheap home cooked thai food from a Thai lady who lives on the compound next door. I think it costs about $20 for six of us, including spring rolls, and there are always left overs for lunch the next day!


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