Prayer Needed.

It seems the jet lag is not the only thing causing my sleep issues. After finally getting back into the right time zone which took about 10 days…I find I am sleeping all the time. Having been someone who has always been a 5 -6 hour sleeper, waking bright and refreshed I have really struggled the past 6 months or so with needing way more sleep.

Of course I just took this as a sign of getting older..HA!

However there are some other hormonal symptoms as well – NOT going into details 🙂 and now I am sleeping anything up to 10 hours and struggling to wake up. I sleep like a log and still do not feel refreshed. On top of that I am falling asleep a couple of times a day. I have no energy and just trying to concentrate on one task is difficult. I am forgetting things and wondering why my brain is so fuzzy all day. For someone who has always done a gazillion (slight exaggeration there) things at one time this is becoming very daunting and difficult for me to deal with. Please pray that the doctors will listen and try and find out what is going on.

I had some blood tests the week before I went away. My iron is good, no diabetic/glucose issues, thyroid is in the right range(although my research says it could be a bit low – depends on which countries guidelines you follow). So there is nothing giving a simple explanation.

The Dr did call me back into the office concerned about my cholesterol – too high. Given the family history he wanted to put me on heart medication, which means taking pills the rest of my life. He is generally happy with my diet and isn’t worried about my weight ( I am at the very bottom of the healthy weight range for my height) so not sure why it is high. Anyway, the short of that is he has agreed for me to try a couple of changes in the diet for 6 months and re-access.

I have an obgyn appointment next to see if what is going on there has any relevance to what I am going through.

It seems lately that these posts are all about me. That is not my intention. Everyone is well here and send love and hello’s to y’all. They have all been so wonderful while I am struggling with just getting through the day to day. The kids continue to do their lessons when I need to nap on the couch. The older two are so great at helping out the younger ones if they need it. Jarred and Chloe both do their own ironing (unless Chloe does Jarreds!!) and both are great with making salads and cooking meals. Chloe has become an excellent cook, baking cakes, cookies and the most delicious apple pie with hoemmade pastry and fresh apples. Wayne’s waist is showing it too!

The younger two have really helped out with a lot as well. The like to dust and are great at doing a room blitz…running around and quickly cleaning up.


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