The swim season is starting again. Training resumed today. We arrived at training to find that the squad had only one coach, and no sign of another one on the horizon. Due to the two coaches not getting along, and a lot of politics going on last year we had some idea this would happen before the summer, and hoped that our team committee would sort it out before the season started.. Of course with summer holidays and every one away that didn’t happen.

The other coach, who happens to be our next door neighbour has decided to coach elsewhere. This is another local team that took a hiatus last year due to some difficulties on the compound where their training pool is. It means she can be head coach and train in her style without being at odds with someone else. It is also a squad of only 20 maximum. An 8 lane pool and two hour training sessions are also available. We had been offered the opportunity to go with her but had decided to stay with Lasers. Not wanting to “team hop” looking for the perfect coaching, team loyalty, a bus from the compound, a nice coach, and friends were all reasons we chose to stay, hoping things would improve.

We had asked that the squad size be dropped from 70 to 50, and a couple of other things that would improve the training for the children, especially Jarred who is aiming for top 6 in the Saudi Nationals next May. After chatting with the coach at training tonight we are not happy with the way it appears. They are only going to drop the squad by 5, and with no second coach in site it isn’t optimal.  The squad is currently sitting around 50 – 55, and is doing trials next week for new members.  Far too many for one coach. We also know a lot of mistakes the kids are making in their swimming were not picked up last year.

The pro’s for the other team appear to be much better. More time in the pool, better swimmer to coach ratio and some of the kids friends are moving back to that team anyway (most of that team joined our team last year). We may not have the bus though. Which is a big consideration. When Wayne is on backs we can’t get there, and taxi fares are very expensive here (one reason I never go out).

I went and spoke to our neighbour and she will hold a place for us in the team (we would be the last 4), we have also been assured that there will be a maximum of 16 children on the squad which means only 2 kids training per lane as opposed to up to 6…even better odds! So we need to make a decision tonight. We will all pray on it, find out about the bus, have a family con-flab tomorrow and try to find a way to not feel disloyal.


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