Bad jetlag, bad bad jet lag.

As a result of being up all night and then needing to sleep about 8 am in the morning I am not up to much. Thankfully Wayne is on late backs and doesn’t go to work till late afternoon. I am semi awake by then. šŸ™‚

I am spending a lot of the wee hours working through a Max Lucado bible study I have been doing for some time. God is so awesome. He knows just what I need and when and He is certainly using this study to show me some of His plans for my life. Just building that relationship with Him is so important. And after all we learnt while away it would be so easy to go off on a tangent and not put it all before Him first.

Perhaps that’s the reason I have jet lag…to allow me the quiet time in the middle of the night while everyone is alseep…time to get my priorites straight and listen to what God is saying.

Check out our other site for some more news if you feel inclined and I will be back when I am on a more level footing.


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