Having a Blast!

We are in Oklahoma. Loving the green countryside and the blue skys. Something I miss terribly back home. It also feels nice to be back here. We all loved it so much last year.

While talking to Cody on the phone two days ago he was really feeling it…not me being away so much as not being able to be here. When he told me he just wanted to be here and I asked him why, thinking he meant catching crawdads in the creek or chasing wild turkeys I was really surprised at the answer. He said “I just want to be there with one of those chairs, you know the ones out on the deck (arrondacks), well I want to put one of them down on the lawn under the trees and sit there and read my books”. Don’t you love it!!!

Last night we had the awesome privelege of seeing Micheal W Smith in concert!  For free! It is the labour day long weekend here and we went out to the Choctaw Nation Festival. Entry and all carnival rides are free, there is also no alcohol allowed on native lands so everyone was very pleasant- no drunks!  The evening ended with the concert. He is as good in real life as on a cd! Simply amazing!!

A few days and we leave…can’t believe the trip is almost over. If it were not for looking forward to seeing Wayne and the munchkins again I would be feeling pretty blue about now. I don’t really want to leave…Jarred certainly doesn’t.

Today we drive up to Oklahoma city to go and see the university. I hear it is a nice campus with some lovely buildings. Should be fun to see a bit more of the country side too. It is about a three hour drive. Plus some with pit stops. Connie has let me do all the driving while I have been here. She is enjoying the break. Having lived out in Saudi too, she knows how much we “women” like to drive when given the chance. Add to the fact that she has a snazzy new car and you’ll know how much fun I have been having.


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