In Atlanta

We are here. Good trip, little sleep and lots of rigmarole with all the latest security measures for flying. You must have a lot of patience and be prepared for anything. Wearing slip on shoes is a must…you have to take them off every time you go through a check point.

Last night at the airport was hard. They were dropping us at the door and leaving. Kiss and Ride…lol.  Our flight is not till after 1 am and it is not one of those airports where you can wait in a nice coffee shop till check in time. Shania takes it all in her stride, lets you know she is sad but bears up and tells you to get on with it! Chloe and Cody do not cope so well. Cody burst onto tears as soon as he cuddled me. Then Chloe started. Wayne had got the bags out and came round to give me a hug. Chloe was still upset, so Jarred grabbed her and Cody hugging them till Wayne let me go and started to get back into the car. We waved as they all got back in ready to leave.

Then Jarred grabs the trolley with our bags and starts into the terminal….saying “quick Mum – before I start to cry!”

When I asked him later he told me he found it really hard to leave them, and he hadn’t thought he would. 🙂

I am so thankful for the relationship our kids have with each other and praise God that He has really built that in them. In this day when so much is based around other people being more important than your own family it is so precious to see and be a part of.


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