We leave tonight. Bahrain, Frankfurt, Atlanta. Over the next two weeks we will be on 8 flights. I am glad it is only Jarred and me! In fact it’s going to be a real treat for me…not having to pack 6 suitcases. 🙂 Mind you when traveling in America you can have two cases each. And as I am bringing back a bunch of books and home education resources it may feel like there are more of us than two.

Leave the house at 3 in the afternoon. Arrive in Atlanta about five pm, over 24 hours later. Yes, it is a very long way.

It’s also very very exciting! For Jarred even more so than me. His first real big adventure – that is all about and for him! Don’t know if he can quite believe it. I am looking forward to seeing his world expand in a massive way.

As a result of what we have been learning we are going to run a blog specifically on this upcoming trip and the specific “education” of our team – to share with and encourage others who may be on the same path. So if you want to read about the trip – rather than have me type it all in again here, you can go here to Educate Your Entrepreneurs and see what fun we have.

I’ll be back!


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