Spent the better part of 4 days booking flights, hotels and making plans. Jarred is jumping all over the place! Can’t sleep, but neither can I.

We had joined a Protege group to help us define our direction and get some in depth help and teaching as we head on this journey of training up a teenager in the way he should go. As a result we get an extra day at the conference. This is held on the day before and is a group of about 30 people. A bunch of the speakers from the weekend will share extra information. It is also a chance to spend time one on one and get to know them better before the 350+ crowd arrives for the rest of the weekend. We are really looking forward to it!

Another bonus of going to this conference instead of the one a few days ago is that the young guy who made all that money on Myspace will be at the one in Atlanta.  It will be his first ever speaking engagement. We have been in touch with him by email and Jarred is very much looking forward to meeting him. He bought his Mum a condo in Beverley Hills and drives a Maserati to school – He is now 17 and in his final year.

Well thats about it. Madly getting the house organized and bags packed. We were also trying to buy a little puppy to bring back with us, however we are not gone long enough for it to have a second rabies shot which it needs to get back into Bahrain. So that is another thing on the list for next year.

Hope you are all well. Say hello if you have the notion…just click on the comments button and leave us a message!


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