Who would have thought so much could happen in such a short time. We had missed the conference and put our minds to going next year. Then just this morning while on a conference call with the group – meeting a 16 year old who made a million dollars last year on Myspace – we heard more about the conference and the 2nd one they hold. Jarred had got up at 4 am with me for the call. We both went back to bed at 5.30 when it finished but neither of us could get to sleep. I spent the time laying in bed praying about how we could go. God answered me immediately and I knew it was right. More on that later!

Later in the day Jarred and I were chatting about the call and he told me he really felt like God was saying we needed to do what it took to get there. I had the idea but needed to discuss it with Wayne before I mentioned it to Jarred.

I don’t know why I didn’t think about going to this one. It didn’t even occur to me… but God knew what He was doing. It is the same as the one that was on in Colorado Springs – just two weeks later and in Atlanta, Georgia. It is the last weekend in August. Much more time to organise and get there. Wayne can take the week off work as the other bloke is back.

One of the other issues we had was money. With my 40th birthday coming up in December we are planning a trip to Paris. It is my dream trip and something we have been planning for two years. We don’t have the money for both. Anyway while I was praying this morning about how to get to the conference it came to me.

Give up Paris!

Wow, now considering it is my dream destination you would think I would have wrestled with that one, but I didn’t. It was so clear and I was so at peace about it. Not even a hint of hesitation. Now all I had to do was wait for Wayne to come home from work and ask him. Wondering if he would accept that it was truly ok with me not to go to France.

I explained about the call this morning, how Jarred and I both felt like God had moved in a way to get us there. Then asked if we could do that instead of going to Paris. God must have worked in Wayne too because he said yes straight away.

We are going!!!

We called Jarred down and told him – he couldn’t get the grin off his face, but was also concerned about me giving up Paris. It took a little convincing him I was really alright with it.

Not only that, just three weeks difference in time and the tickets are over a third cheaper. So our tickets and accommodation are covered by what the tickets would have cost for us to go last weekend. What a bargain. It has been decided that we will go for two weeks. Spend a couple of days on a field trip in Atlanta before the conference, then head over to Oklahoma to see our friends for a few days, before heading back.

I am not sure how much I will get on here in the next 10 days. We leave on the 19th, and I have lots to do before we go!


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