One of the things about homeschooling here is the isolation from other people who are on the same track. It can seem a lonely road when you feel you are out there doing it by yourself. For this reason back when we started I searched for some online home school groups and made a few contacts.

Some of the ladies I met through the online digital scrap booking forums are home school mums and many have children a similar age. Chloe now has a pen friend, or should I say “keyboard friend” in Canada whom she communicates with regularly. This has been good for both girls as the friend is also somewhat isolated due to her circumstances.

Through the years, some curriculum purchases and contacts made, I have found two different groups that I ‘hang’ with. One is a group that I have a once or twice weekly bible study with. This lady also does online home education conferences and other types of things especially for encouraging Mums who have chosen such a blessing as God lead education for their children. It is such an uplifting and supportive group. We even have a prayer email group…and this has seen amazing results and blessings too. It has been an incredible lifeline for me, especially in this past 2 years as things have changed so much here.

The other lady I have come to know is a wonderful Christian woman who has home schooled 7 children. Still is actually, the youngest is only 7. Her oldest son has been very successful and worth a million by the time he was 22. We belong to a yahoo group of like minded home schoolers who want to see God work in us and our kids lives to fulfill His purposes for them. Many of these families are also working towards bringing Dad back into the family home with their own business. Many are very successful and as a group there is a lot to learn from them.

This lady now runs conferences to bring families – parents and their teens – together with people who are top in their fields and very successful financially. In a non threatening, g’ rated atmosphere, parents and teens can get information, life lessons and opportunities to become entrepreneurs.

There is one coming soon in a couple of weeks in Colorado Springs. Of course we loved Colorado Springs when we went there last year, so it would be a double treat to go to the conference and in such a nice place. Jarred and I have been praying about getting to one of these. Wayne is all for it. We really feel that if we are meant to go God will make it happen. The flights are a bit expensive and one of the blokes at work is away so it may not come off. We will see!


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