Bad Blogger

Here it is almost the end of July and I haven’t blogged on here at all.

We have been so busy doing nothing and the month has just flown. Not quite true, but I am wondering where the time has gone. The learning has been an ongoing thing for us through the summer months here. Being 48+ degrees most days it is hard to be motivated by the thought of being outside. Mind you, Cody likes to try but is usually back inside within moments, covered in moisture and red ruddy cheeks.

We have also bit by bit, been de-junking. We have been in this house for over 5 years now – and you can tell! The longest we had been anywhere was in Beldon and that was about 3 years or so. It is a nice feeling to clear out some of the excess. We so far have 8 moving boxes full of stuff for a local charity and the kids have two of toys. They are planning a garage sale when the weather gets a lot cooler and everyone is back from the summer hiatus. No point at the moment as there is hardly anyone here.

I cut my finger nail and some of the top of my finger underneath it off on the 17th. It was pretty sore, bled a lot and throbbed for 4 days. I couldn’t believe after all the years of working with big knives and cooking at home that I would do something as bad…at least the kids know now why I tell them to be careful with knives.


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