More on Doha.

We had nicest time just mooching around this great new mall in Doha called Villagio. Having seen pictures of the Villagio in Las Vegas it seems somewhat similar.Shania was sitting on my lap while I tried to enjoy a half cold cup of coffee (yes we have Starbucks here too) and Jarred had the camera. It is unusual for me to be in photo’s let alone caught candidly. We were just chatting, mucking around, and at one point I held Shania’s face to let the photo be taken with her being still. You can imagine my surprise when I downloaded the photo’s to the PC and there she is in the next shot holding her own face, She really is a crack up and so much fun.


You can find the layout credits here.

Inside this mall is like a little Venice. All the shop fronts look like houses with the upstairs balconies, open windows and flowerpots. The ceiling is even painted to look like a blue sky with soft white clouds drifting across it, curved down at the edges to fade away behind the roof lines of all the stores.

The main attraction would have to be the little canal, complete with gondola’s maneuvered by traditionally dressed gondoliers, these being serenaded from the sides of the canal by strumming guitarists. The canal wanders through a lovely area of the mall and there are even little steps up and over bridges so you can move easily from store to store. It is a quiet, serene, very pleasant atmosphere.

If you want some noise then head around to another part of the mall, passing through the echo dome where the dome roof is painted like a night sky with twinkling stars and the kids just wanted to stay and “echo”, to where they have a huge food court and restaurant area. Chai Tea, TGIF, various other places and your usual fast food outlets can be found in this area. Smack bang in the middle of all this is an ice skating and hockey rink. All set up with score boards and lines marked. It was extra cold in there so it should be a good place to escape the summer heat. Situated right next to the site of the 2006 Asia games I am sure it will be a great attraction.


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