This week…

What an awesome week we had. You might want to grab a cuppa to make it through this post.

Thursday saw us arrive and catch up with our friends. Another lot of friends had arrived from Dubai for the weekend as well, so we all went to dinner at the Marriott. It was a buffet – so the munchkins were in bliss, choosing their favourite foods, going back for more, having deserts before and after main course!! This unusual freedom kept them happy and allowed us to relax and chat for hours. It is an unknown when we will see either of these friends and so it was really special to share this time with them.

Friday up early and try to find the pool. We were going on word of mouth directions. Maps are not real up to date or accurate, not many roads have their names sign posted either, so it took a bit but we found it. A beautiful facility, with everything a swimmer could want.

Yes! The looks on the munchkins faces was priceless…exclamations of “boy! that’s a long pool” and “how am I going to swim that far?” were uttered. Warm ups soon showed them they could. They all swam very well, medals were earned, personal best times were broken and a fun day was had by all. Lunch, which was salad, humus, tabbouleh, other entre’s, a couple of choices of mains, deserts as well as fruit or fruit salad, was also provided – and it was incredible, very tasty and well prepared. Usually the children don’t eat much when competing however it seemed to make no difference as they all ate well.

We went out again to eat in the evening. This time to an Italian resturant called Il Rustico at Rydges. The food was lovely. Most enjoyable was the fresh baked bread and whole baked garlic cloves they brought to the table with balsamic vinegar and olive oil..choose a bit of everything, mix it up on your plate and dip the bread – YUMM!! Then it was farewell to our friends from Dubai.

Saturday was the same routine with the swimming. Two of the munchkins did well, ranking in the top two places overall. Our team also ranked top!


Credits here

We spent most of the next day recovering, and a little time driving around Doha. It is very hot there as well and not much fun in the dust and humidity for sight seeing. Most of my photos are taken out of the car window. The rest of the week was very relaxing, visiting a couple of malls (only place out of the heat), going out to eat for hubby’s birthday and sharing with the friends we were staying with.

Doha is around a bay and quite pretty – when they have finished the 125+ towers they are constructing it will be much easier to navigate and enjoy… roads may be open in the morning, then closed and ripped up by evening due to massive road work and reconstruction going on there as well.


Credits here

Some issues with our car cooling system thermostat kept us there a day extra, however our drive home was uneventful and quicker than the way down when we encountered a lot of sand storms and high winds. Our A/c stopped working for half the way down. This was pretty hard to take in the 45+ celcius heat of the desert.

Being home is always’s amazing how much you appreciate what you have when you have been away from it for a little while. So that’s it. I will post more layouts and photos over the coming week or so.

Hope you enjoyed your cuppa!


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