Just the Cake

Being sick with the flu is the pit’s. My planned ‘something special’ for here is taking longer than I though it would (probably due to a fuzzy head and flu tablets..lol) which means it could be a few more days.

So this is short and sweet today. We attended another pool party – this time a joint birthday party for two 11 year olds. Fun with 40 swimming children! All enjoyed themselves while I got to lay on a sun lounger and watch them having fun. At least I rested, and caught up with a couple of the other mum’s. It was over tea time, so pizza, ice creams and lots of candy from the pinnate filled them up, and I didn’t have to cook either. Yippee…don’t you just love swimming weather!

So anyway – here is the cake from the wrap up party. I am hoping it comes in the correct size now.


3 thoughts on “Just the Cake

  1. That cake looks yummy!! We had a party recently for my parents, and tha blue frosting reminds me of it, lol. We could tell who had had a piece of cake, because they were the ones that had blue tongues, lol. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

  2. 40 kids!!! WOW!!! That cake looks awesome! Hope you feel better soon, being sick is no fun!!!

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