The Flu and More Swimming.

It’s that time of year and I have been sick for over two weeks. It didn’t start out as the flu however that’s where it ended up. It started with heat stroke or food poisoning or perhaps both. Everyone else had the fevers, sore throat and got over it..for me it’s hanging around – guess I could be a bit run down! So I am sleeping lots and trying to stay out of the heat. If you feel inclined I would love some prayer.

Catching up on the last two days – aside form sleep that is ! Wednesday saw us at the Lasers Swim Team season wrap up party – phew that was a long title! It involved lots of happy children, an inflatable island complete with big water slide and lots of good food. Everyone had a great time and enjoyed the change from all the training. No more formal training now till September when the season starts again.

Then last night the kids were invited to a joint birthday party for 2 eleven year olds – you guessed it, a pool party. This one was on our compound so we were able to walk down and stay with them. There were about 40 kids of various ages, lots of blow up inflatable pool toys and water balloons. I was able to relax on a sun lounge and catch up with a few of the mum’s while the kids had a blast. Pizza, ice cream and lots of candy from the pinyate’s kept them full and I did not need to get them dinner. Got to love a pool party!

Here is one of the cake from the wrap up party – it was very gooood!!!


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