Just for Miriam

I had planned on sharing little by little my crafty space or as it’s know around here “the zone”. I prefer to think of it as my “shabby space”. It is in reality a little balcony that we closed in and took the double slider doors out of. It overlooks the learning zone so we are together..but this is my little patch.

I wondered which bit to share first – as most of it is a mess right about now..lol. Then while reading Miriam’s blog it came to me!


My Little Shelf…started life as a second hand yukky beige shadow box thingy. I threw some spray paint at it to cover the laminate, then added the matt white and scratched it up a bit with an old nail file. Whalla – an altered shelf in my favourite shabby style. Cost – about $10. Now I know it’s not as flash as the one on Miriam’s blog (which I love and would fit in well here..lol) but it does the job! Another part of my altered life.


12 thoughts on “Just for Miriam

  1. wow, that shelf is totally cute. I love the style and what a bargain. Also love your ribbon storage. Mine is all just thrown into a rubbermaid bin…yikes!

  2. Your Craft Shelf looks Beautiful! I should have to make one of those someday, my ribbons spools are messily stacked on a closet shelf…..shame on me ..LOL πŸ™‚ Thank you for the inspiration!

  3. what a great idea! and oh so shabbyshazish!!!! LOVE it, gonna have to keep my eyes out for a box like this next time i go yard sale-ing πŸ˜€

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