A Birthday and a Day to Remember

Today was my Mil’s birthday. Sometimes it’s hard living in another country, especially if you don’t get in touch with your loved ones on their birthdays. We sent well wishes and talked about her today…our way of sharing in those times we cant be there. So MIL..if you ever read this – happy birthday – you are thought of, cared about and loved!

It is also 7 years today since my father in law passed away. He was a gentle natured, man of God who lived what he believed. People came to his funeral that no-one really knew – people off the street in his home town that he had shared the Lord with. People who attested that without him they wouldn’t be there sharing. None of us knew that!!!

I could not believe that he was gone and that my youngest two children would never know him (my youngest was just 6 months old) never experience the man he was, go on walk in the afternoon with Grandpa, or hear him whistling away at 6 am when you are trying to catch a sleep in. But you know what – 7 years later they feel like they knew him. Talking about him, sharing the things he did, believed and lived has made him real for them. And so we spoke about him today. Remembering the good and the sad, but rejoicing that he was a part of our lives.


2 thoughts on “A Birthday and a Day to Remember

  1. Lovin’ it!…and the story of your FIL so reminded me of both of my grandparents…People came from all over the country (we are in Ohio, they came from as far away as ALASKA) to be at my mamaw’s celebration of life party (she did not want a funeral so we had a “here is your life, rejoice in it” party after we were told she only had months to live….) and people who came to my papaw’s funeral ALL said how he had touched their lives with his personality and his testimony to God……
    thank you for sharing that part of your life with us!!!! love ya girl!

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