An Altered Life

What’s that all about? Ever since I can remember I have altered things. From a young girl making things out of cardboard boxes to house and seat my dolls, to a young married who grabbed whatever furniture came along and slapped a coat of housewhite paint on it (yes..pre shabbychic – think 1985, hence the shabbyshaz nickname) to a Mum who enjoys embroidery, quilting and scrapbooking, all of which I alter in some way to be essentially me.

My life has also been altered inexplicably along the road by the many people I have met and places I have been. Perhaps some of these experiences will make their way into this blog and show how the person I am, despite the bad – and the good, has come to be.

I continue to alter things. Both material and non, and so, this will be my little spot to share a part of An Altered Life.


3 thoughts on “An Altered Life

  1. And you have altered the life of those of us who have been blessed enough to come into contact with you…You are such an amazing woman and a wonderful example of how we SHOULD alter ourselves in order to be more pliable to what God is creating in us and through us! Keep altering and taking it to God’s alter πŸ™‚

  2. You are amazing, you astound me with the amount of things you are capable of accomplishing. I wish I had the ability & the “gumption” to do all you do. I am proud of you & that you are my sister. I love you with all my heart, congratulations & well done. I will be keeping my beedy eyes on this spot!!!

  3. I am really waiting for more of your life story! πŸ™‚ I love people’s life.. we can learn many things from there… πŸ™‚

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